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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of sale :

1. (a) "Seller" means Agro Junction India Pvt. Ltd. or their principal / Principals in any case where they are acting only as agents. "Buyers" means the person firm or company to whom this contract note is addressed or his or their principal/s in any case where he or they are only as agent/s "Goods" means the articles, commodities or things or any of them described in this contract note "War Risks" means war risks as defined by the appropiate Institue of London Underwriters current clause (b) All Orders accepted by the Seller are subject to these conditions and no other conditions shall apply unless expressly agreed in writing by an officer of the Seller.

2. Shipments to be by vessel and / or other means of conveyance either direct or indirect or with or without trans-shipment. At Sellers option each shipment or tender may be treated as separate contracts. The goods may be shipped as a whole or in separate shipments unless otherwise stated on the face hereof. Dates of shipment or delivery are given in good faith by the Seller but the Seller shall be under no liability for delay and time of shipment or delivery shall not be of the same essence of the contract. Failure of Seller to deliver any instalment shall not entitle the buyer to repudiate this contract.

3. Any claim in respect of short or incorrect delivery or damaged goods must be reported to the Seller in writing within 48 hours of receipt of the goods. Non-delivery must be notified to the Seller within seven days of the advice of delivery.

4. The seller only gives the warranty show on the face of the Acceptance order. Save as thereon provided, no conditions is made or to be implied, nor any warranty made or to be implied, whether by statute, or by operation of law or otherwise, as to the quality of the goods to be supplied, or their containers, or that they will be of any particular quality or description or that they will be suitable for any particular purpose, not withstanding that such purpose of conditions may be known or may have been made known to the Seller. Goods alleged by the Buyer to be defective shall not form the basis or subject matter of any claim by the Buyer nor shall the seller be under any liability whatsoever, howsoever, arising in respect of any claim by the Buyer. The Buyer further acknowledges that he has not been induced to enter into this agreement on the basis of any representation made for or on behalf of the Seller, other than as expressly contained on the face of this Acceptance Order, and the Seller shall in no way be liable for any misrepresentation howsoever and by whomsoever made.

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