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Senna Leaves

Nature’s Park is a leading supplier of Sonmukhi leaves which are known as the powerful herb. Senna, Swarnamukhi, Sonamukhi and Sunamukhi are the different names by which these herbs are addressed in different regions of India. These herbs are grown on a tree called Senna. These leaves are known for their Ayurvedic and healing prowess. The Sonmukhi leaves can either be taken in powder form or can be boiled in water. Daily consumption of these leaves reinforces immunity and cures many diseases.

  • Reduces body ache
  • Provides strength to lungs
  • Aids in the removal of kidney stones
  • Improves immunity
  • Helps cure constipation and other related diseases
  • Treats loss of appetite

Nature’s Park supplies Sonamukhi leaves both in the raw as well as the powdered form. The leaves are kept intact in air tight packaging that enables retention of freshness whilst preserving the flavour. It is worth a mention here that the genuineness of these leaves is a critical point which is often known to get compromised in the market. But, Nature’s Park thoroughly ensures that each of these leaves is handpicked and boasts of genuine quality.


Pinus Gerardiana



Sonamukhi Leaves


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