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Sesame Seeds

Til or sesame seeds are an important part of most of the cuisines all over the world. These tiny and flat seeds of the sesame plant are favoured for their nutty and crunchy flavour and are obtained in a variety of hues, like black, yellow, white and red. Til known to be one of the oldest condiments used, also possesses some of the greatest health benefits besides their unique flavour.

  • Promotes bone health and prevents osteoporosis
  • Lowers bad cholesterol in the system
  • Known to be a great source of Vitamin E
  • Increases immunity and also beneficial for skin and hair
  • Reduces hypertension and stress
  • Impedes the development and growth of cancerous cell in human body and also aids in its treatment
  • Cures constipation and other related disorders
  • Black sesame seeds are especially known for curing various menopausal symptoms
  • Aids in proper functioning of liver
  • Known for prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

Nature’s Park undertakes various preventive measures to provide best quality Til so that the taste and benefits remain intact when products reach the customer. Good quality Til are those that are tiny and plump and the ones that do not leave an oily residue. This identification is one of the basic and most commonly known litmus tests to determine the quality of Til. Nature’s Park adheres to strict quality control methods to ensure that only the best of the sesame seeds are put together in air tight packaging. The multi-layer air tight packaging makes certain that the quality is not hampered by the time they are used. A handful of Til in your salad or dessert will not only add crunchiness but will bring along wholesome benefits.


Sesame Seed


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