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Contrary to its small and wrinkly appearance, raisins are full of health benefits. Raisins are dried grapes with a chewy feel and are full of delicious sweetness. High in energy and low in fat, raisins are the perfect snack for munching when you feel hungry or get low on energy. Raisins are one of the many preferred dry fruits and find a special liking amongst children, owing to its sweet taste. Apart from the sweet and exotic taste, raisins are also pack of wholesome health benefits.

  • Act a natural laxative, hence aids digestion
  • Help reduce acidity
  • Help cure anaemia
  • Known to prevent cancer
  • Contribute in keeping eyesight strong due to richness of anti-oxidants
  • High content of calcium present in raisins is good for bones and teeth
  • Treats infections
  • Helps cure erectile dysfunction

Nature’s Park brings forth the Grade A quality raisins, which are reckoned as the best available variety of raisins. Grade A raisins are distinguished on the basis of their excellent colour and flavour. The next time when you crave a dessert or a chocolate, grab a handful of raisins instead. You will enjoy their sweet flavour and also benefit from it. Eat it raw or add in your favourite salad, cake or vegetables, and enhance the overall flavour of food. Sweet is definitely healthy!





Pinus Gerardiana





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