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Possessing a dark brown hard woody cover and a rounded top with tapered base, cloves are known to be great health boosters despite their small size. With one clove intake, you carry in essential minerals like iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium along with healthy fibres and vitamin K. The sugary and fragrant addition of cloves to your everyday serving of food is sure to blend great fitness benefits each day.

  • Enhanced digestive abilities
  • Improved sexual health
  • Temporary relief from toothache
  • Reduction in inflammatory disorders
  • Treatment of bruises and scratch marks
  • Cures infections of the respiratory tract
  • Relieves from nauseating feeling
  • Treats bad breath and cough

Nature’s Park delivers freshly packed cloves to let you experience their lively smell and intricate taste clubbed with nature’s blooming touch. Drawn with intense care and after careful screening, processed to clean while retaining richness and packed in an eco-friendly manner, Nature’s Park strives to offer an exclusive variety of cloves that none other can! You can turn out the cloves from this pack to add freshness to every meal along with all the rich health benefits.


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