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The small brownish seeds of Ajwain (also known as Carom Seeds), oval in shape with ridged structure and varying in shade of brown along the ridges are a great taste booster in the Indian cuisine. Not only does it lend a sizzling and spicy taste to food but also serves as a storehouse of healthy constituents including proteins, minerals, fibre and vitamins. Though with a small size, Ajwain holds the capability to relieve a number of problems.

  • Relief from asthmatic disorders
  • Enhances Sexual Life
  • Instant relief for hiccups
  • Instant cure for Earache
  • Controls acidity and cures indigestion
  • Relief from migraine pain
  • Aids in arthritic and rheumatic pain
  • Enhances digestive system of pregnant or lactating women


Nature’s Park is an established brand name in delivering exuberant quality of Ajwain in its healthy packing. Grown and picked with intensive care, processed naturally and packed with quality guard while maintaining all nutritional values intact, we deliver nothing but the best to consumers. So, you can trust us with our quality barriers and add the tasteful benefits of Ajwain to your meals to make them rich in flavour, aroma and health.


Bishop Weed


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