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Black Seed

Commonly known as kalungi is most liked by all the Indian grannies and is a vital ingredients of all pickles and homemade chutneys. Apart from the culinary usage Black Seeds are full of health benefits.

The deep black and sharp-cornered seeds are reported to be beneficial for the respiratory system, have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. A combination of fatty acids, volatile oils and trace elements are believed to contribute to its effectiveness. As for all the benefits packed into this tiny seed waiting to become a part of your diet.

  • Supports during Asthma Attack
  • Helpful in curing Chest Irritation, Cough & Congestion
  • Reduces Stomach Trouble & Constipation
  • Removes Dandruff, Hair Loss & Premature Greying
  • Aids in Tooth Ache & Swelling Gums
  • Helps in prevention of cancer

Nature’s Park offers the finest quality of black seeds. Dexterous efforts are channelized into the selection of black seeds to avoid pale looking, grey or broken seeds. Extra attention is paid to the packaging of these black seeds to guard the freshness of the seeds. A spoonful of raw black seeds in your breakfast is a healthy start of the day and prevents you from succumbing to ailments. A start to staying healthy is by eating healthy.


Black Seed



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