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It is often said that all tasty foods are sinful, but this is certainly not the case with almonds. These delicious kernels are a pack of wholesome health benefits. Grown on the deciduous trees that are found in the Middle East and South Asian region, almonds are mainly sold in two forms – Shelled (after the shells are removed) or unshelled (with the shells intact). Just a handful of these almonds on a regular basis help keeping your diseases at bay, and you stay younger and healthier!

  • Reduces your chance against heart diseases by 50%
  • Keeps your cholesterol level in control
  • Reduces cancer risks
  • Help build strong bones and teeth
  • Assists in weight loss and reduces obesity
  • Prevents diabetes
  • And so many more…

Nature’s Park brings to you the most natural, exquisite and sweetest tasting “Mamra” almonds. These almonds are tasteful and possess higher nutritional value compared to any other varieties of almonds. Each of these almonds is of the highest quality and each pit brings to you immense benefits and good taste. Nature’s Park ensures that these almonds reach to you with the same natural freshness and quality that they possess. Extensive care is taken while packing each box of almonds. To ensure their freshness, the almonds are packed in high grade plastic bags which are then placed in specially designed wooden boxes. These packing are available in different sizes for varied requirements. Bring home good health.


American Almonds


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